About Us

Syscomatic is a software development as a service (SDass) Platform with a business-first approach. We offer a variety of value-adding solutions and best-of-breed services to internet companies worldwide.




Our Core Values

Syscomatic is a software development as a service (SDass) Platform with a business

  • Initiative

    Our team believes in taking proactive actions and going the extra mile, and it shows in the quality of the work we do.

  • Transparency

    Our team is dedicated to ensuring accurate and timely information sharing and insight sharing for collaborative decision-making.

  • Creativity

    Internet is in our DNA, thus we're inventive. We've created a niche with our innovative alternatives.

  • Quality

    In line with the best practices in the industry, we take great pride in delivering and maintaining the highest standards of work.

  • Collaboration

    Each of us may not have the complete solution, but we come together to deliver a complete solution.

  • Reliability

    Commitment evaluates our performance. We prioritize excellent service to please our clients.

Meet Our Team

Syscomatic™ owns a team of some enthusiastic, and passionate people in their respective fields.

  • Rakib Ullah

    Founder & CEO

    Rakib Ullah has been practicing in several business sectors including software industry. He also has experiences in product management.

  • Shahed Hossain

    Chief Research Officer

    Shahed is working intensive research for the project along with his expertise in embedded systems and IoT.

  • Zahed Hasan

    Chief Technology Officer

    Zahed is currently leading software technology systems. He is a great problem solver and highly dedicated to fast learning.

  • Asifur Rahman

    Project Manager

    Overseeing the overall ongoing projects is done by Asifur Rahman. He is mainly focused on operations.

  • Thauhid Hussain

    Chief Product Officer

    He is passionate about creating products that are human-centred and provide great customer experiences.

  • Tousif Ahmed

    Full Stack Engineer

    Tousif is an experienced full-stack engineer. He is well known for problem solving & logical decisions.

  • Md. Sabbir Hossain

    Backend Engineer

    Syscomatic™ is having Sabbir on board to look after the back-end part. He is well known for his logical problem solving experience.